EA MAG: Inside-out – European Border Chronicle
EA MAG: Inside-out – European Border ChronicleMiscellaneous
Migration flows unstoppable created by war and poor economic conditions of many southern states of the world are pushing the frontiers of the European Community. The debate on how to react to this problem unfolds between acceptance and rejection in a Europe that is suffering the most severe economic →
Ukraine-Russia: gas, ban and recession
Ukraine-Russia: gas, ban and recessionPolicy
Relations between Ukraine and Russia have returned hot. Especially from diplomatically viewpoint. The gas issue, in which Kiev has the upper hand. The trade and food embargo and food against Ukraine by Moscow. The Kremlin, gripped by recession, in search of a rapprochement with Europe.
Lebanon: medical transport and first aid courses
Lebanon: medical transport and first aid coursesDefence
The Task Force “Italair” serving in Lebanon has moved to hospital a seriously ill French military. The air mission, carried out successfully by an Italian Army helicopter AB 212, carrying the French aero-medical team, has been activated by the call of the Mission Air Operations Centre of →
Iran-Saudi Arabia: the most dangerous fight
Iran-Saudi Arabia: the most dangerous fightPolitics
  The contrast between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which has been a sort of Cold War for years, is likely to turn into a “hot” conflict. The rivalry between the two Middle East big powers is everything but new. However, latest events –the execution of Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr, the continuous d →
Libya: yes to government
Libya: yes to governmentBreakingNews
Member of Presidency Council has named new national unity government, assembled by Prime Minister Fayez al Sarraj, four vicepresidents and 19 of 32 ministers. Conversely, the lacking designation of Ministry of Defence to Khalifa Haftar has caused abstention of two Tobruk representatives. Now HoR wi →
“Safe Sea”, 4 AMX redeployed in Trapani base
“Safe Sea”, 4 AMX redeployed in Trapani baseDefence
Increased surveillance in the Mediterranean as part of the measures taken by the Government with the operation “Safe Sea”. Following the critical issues in the countries of North Africa and the consequent deterioration of security conditions, 4 AMX aircraft of 51 Squadron of Istrana (TV) were te →
Indonesia, the police on the trail of the terrorist network
Indonesia, the police on the trail of the terrorist networkAsia
In the aftermath of the Jakarta attacks, claimed by the Islamic State, which left five dead on the ground among  the bombers and civilian casualties (a local citizen and a Canadian), the Indonesian police has been able to identify some of the terrorists that were killed and performed the first arre →