Kurdish community demonstrates in Oslo
Kurdish community demonstrates in OsloMiscellaneous
Saturday  the 27th a group of kurdish people, belonging to the political movement “Ungkurd” (Young Kurds), take to the streets of Oslo to demonstrate against the Turkish government. They claim that , since august, Erdogan’s government has declared the curfew 59 times in kurdish ci →
Beijing: more billionaires than New York
Beijing: more billionaires than New YorkAsia
  It was only a matter of time, in fact. In 2014 we witnessed the overtaking of China on the United States in the challenge of GDP, two years later a new record confirms the change of paradigm in the global economy and the consolidation of the Asian giant as the new leader.    
Libya, US: new Iraq on the horizon?
Libya, US: new Iraq on the horizon?BreakingNews
Yesterday Tobruk parliament once again postponed voting on new government until February 29. Meanwhile, the US and its European partners are thinking about a military intervention without Libyan approval: Islamic State’s stabilization and about 6,000 enlisted were changing Libya in the new Ira →
Israel and Russia: a lesson from the past
Israel and Russia: a lesson from the pastBreakingNews
The mainstream rhetoric in the Middle East tends to deliberately or unintentionally portray that the Russian have always posed an imminent threat to Israel’s security neglecting the significant role the Soviets played in the creation of the Jewish State. Without such support at the very beginning, →
Chinese missiles on a disputed island
Chinese missiles on a disputed islandAsia, BreakingNews
  On 14 February, the images captured by a satellite, showed the presence of new military installations on a small island in the Paracels archipelago in the South China Sea, occupied by China and claimed by its neighbors, particularly Taiwan and Vietnam. The island, once known as Woody on nauti →
Regeni: Egyptian government hides the truth
Regeni: Egyptian government hides the truthBreakingNews
Giulio Regeni murder mystery is continuing. The admission from three sources of Egyptian intelligence, that the 28 year old was arrested for his impertinent behavior and, above all, because he was suspected of being a spy due to his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Left Movement Apri →
Nigeria: Boko Haram is alive and kicking
Nigeria: Boko Haram is alive and kickingUncategorized
President Muhammadu Buhari’s optimism after a few victories against Boko Haram rebels is not realistic. Atrocities in the village of Dalori, where jihadists set fire causing about 90 killed, including children, and the recent attack on a hamlet in Borno State, where three people died, report t →