Saudi Arabia introduces new taxes on tobacco, prices raise by 100 percentage


AS a consequence of a decision by GCC council, it was established in Saudi Arabia taxes will be introduced, which will be bring prices of tobacco at increasing by 100 percentage. This decision is going to be in force, starting from Tuesday and the reason why it was adopted is because they want to take decision, which are the same for all member States of GCC and it is necessary the time of application of measure is the same to all of them. This measure, as it was explained by Saudi customs Spokesman, is useful to twice the quantitative of tobacco. After this announcement regarding increasing tobacco prices, it is immediately started buying cigarettes before the application of this economic decision. Indeed there is an huge fear and worrying among Saudi smokers, because they do not know where to find cigarettes, once their price is increasing. According to some Saudi citizens, it could be a kind of loop and historical ripetion, as 53 years ago, it happens the same thing.



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