NATO conclude Saber Strike 2017
NATO conclude Saber Strike 2017Europe
MILITARY  BASE, Latvia, June 26, 2017 – About 11,000 U.S. and NATO service members from 20 countries concluded the Saber Strike 17 exercise here on June 24. The exercise took place in various regions in the Baltics and Poland from May 28-June 24. Saber Strike 17 is a long-standing Joint Chiefs of →
Japan Sea, USS Fitzgerald involved in collision
Japan Sea, USS Fitzgerald involved in collisionUncategorized
USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) was involved in a collision with a merchant vessel at approximately 2:30 a.m. local time, June 17, while operating about 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard is on scene and providing assistance at the request of the U.S. Navy. Japan Coast →
Manchester 22 dead at the concert, is terrorism
Manchester 22 dead at the concert, is terrorismEurope
The death toll report of Manchester has risen to 22, among which many children, more than 59 injured hospitalized in nearby hospitals. The explosion took place at 22:35 at the end of the Ariana Grande concert, a popular American pop star loved by teenagers crowding the concert, out of the gates as t →
The European Cybercrime Centre, EC3, at Europol is working closely with affected countries cybercrime units and key industry partners to mitigate the threat and assist victims. The recent attack is at an unprecedented level and will require a complex international investigation to identify the culpr →
Coalition strikes continue to hit Isil in Iraq
Coalition strikes continue to hit Isil in IraqAsia
Attack, bomber, fighter, rotary and remotely piloted aircraft, as well as artillery, conducted six strikes consisting of 28 engagements in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government: — Near Irbil, a strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit; destroyed an ISIL-held building and a w →
Iraq announce liberation of Eastern Mosul
Iraq announce liberation of Eastern MosulAsia
 After more than 100 days of hard urban combat, Iraqi officials announced the liberation of eastern Mosul today. While clearance operations are ongoing, the Iraqi security forces control all areas inside the city east of the Tigris River, the east bank of the river around all five bridges crossing →
Mosul, released 70% of the city
Mosul, released 70% of the cityAsia
The Iraqi troops supported by the coalition released 70% of the city after weeks of fierce fighting house to house. The conquest of all the bridges over the Tigris represents a decisive step towards the complete liberation of the city from the regular Iraqi army has and Peshmerga troops. This mornin →