Migrant crisis: MOAS for #SafeAndLegalRoutes
Migrant crisis: MOAS for #SafeAndLegalRoutesBreakingNews
Two years ago, August 30, 2014, MOAS (Offshore Migrant Aid Station) has conducted its first relief operation in the Mediterranean, when about 250 Syrians and Palestinians were rescued. Established after humanitarian disaster in the Strait of Sicily on October 2013, this NGO has been witness to the t →
France: from Postcolonialism to Nice
France: from Postcolonialism to NicePolicy, Politics
Nice is the umpteenth terrorist attack in France. This Islamist offensive concerns all Europe. Within Paris attacks on January and November 2015, about 230 people were killed in the last one year and half. So, it’s indispensable to clarify why France became an ISIS recurring target and observe →
Brazil: Olympics 2016, a bloodbath
Brazil: Olympics 2016, a bloodbathAmericas, BreakingNews
“When Rio was awarded the 2016 Olympic Games in 2009, authorities promised to improve security for all. Instead, we have seen 2,500 people killed by police since then in the city and very little justice,” said Atila Roque, Director at Amnesty International Brazil in Amnesty International’s →
Libya: with Serraj or Haftar?
Libya: with Serraj or Haftar?Middle East - Africa
Several influences composed the current Libyan context. The war against Daesh and the possible international military operation on the ground, under Italy leadership as attested by the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford, are two geopoliti →
Hot Spot – The Crisis Areas
Hot Spot – The Crisis AreasAmericas, Asia, South Asia
There are several crisis areas in the world. The events shown below talk about many wars and clashes in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.   Egypt 8 policemen were killed on Sunday May 8 during an attack on a checkpoint close to Helwan police station. Islamic State and “Popular Resistance →
Nagorno-Karabakh: several viewpoints
Nagorno-Karabakh: several viewpointsPolitics
A new ceasefire (repeatedly violated), as in 1994, but not a peace treaty. It’s the current situation concerning Nagorno-Karabakh, which is involving not only the two principal players, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but also Russia, Turkey, United States and France from a diplomatic viewpoint.