G7 and Japan cyberstrategy
G7 and Japan cyberstrategyInnovation, Tech & Cyber
During the last meeting held in Japan last may, G7’s head of state adopted a joint declaration about cybersecurity issues. Representatives of the biggest 7 economies in the world stated that Internet is a key driver for global economy: openness, interoperability, reliability and security are the c →
Growing digitisation in the EU
Growing digitisation in the EUInnovation
  On 25th February, the European Commission published the result of the 2016 Edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Good news. Data show a general growth; however, we are still far away from the full development of our digital capabilities.
Kuwait delays the Eurofighter deal
Kuwait delays the Eurofighter dealInnovation
  A contract for 28 Eurofighter aircraft was to sign on 31st January between Italy and Kuwait. As an Italian Ministry of Defence source referred, the signature was delayed for “procedural reasons”. No leak about next meeting.
France: new NH90 for Operation Barkhane
France: new NH90 for Operation BarkhaneDefence, Innovation, Politics
The Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the French defence procurement agency, confirms the acquisition of six additional tactic transport helicopters (Caiman model) from NH Industries, the Italian-French-Dutch industrial group owned by Finmeccanica, Airbus and Fokker. The delivery has been →
Risk Assessment in drone warfare policy
Risk Assessment in drone warfare policyAmericas, Innovation
Capable of long endurance and being refueled during the flight, they are almost invisible and extremely precise. There is nothing more that you can expect from a weapon. Drones, which are not only aircraft, became the most controversial weapon in the new way of conducting wars. Especially from the b →
“Technological” Defense
“Technological” DefenseInnovation
«If the Allies had not understood the Enigma Cipher Machine operation, World War II would have had a different ending», said the British Intelligence Officer Frederick Wintherbotham, anticipating the future global trend of conflicts’ evolution. By the expressions “electronic war” and “tech →