Focus on Estonia: chapter 2
Focus on Estonia: chapter 2Tech & Cyber
As we mentioned in our previous and first article on Estonia, we are now going to concentrate on its evolution in the EU institutions context. Let’s start from something easy to be told. Better: let’s start from something very difficult and technical, but very easy to be explained to readers. Le →
Behind DYN attack: Mirai malware
Behind DYN attack: Mirai malwareTech & Cyber
Dyn, Inc. is an Internet management company, offering products to monitor, control, optimize online infrastructure, and a domain registration services and email products that, on october 21st, was attacked with a distributed denial of service and, as a consequence, sites as Twitter, Reddit, Gith →
G7 and Japan cyberstrategy
G7 and Japan cyberstrategyInnovation, Tech & Cyber
During the last meeting held in Japan last may, G7’s head of state adopted a joint declaration about cybersecurity issues. Representatives of the biggest 7 economies in the world stated that Internet is a key driver for global economy: openness, interoperability, reliability and security are the c →